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Sunday18 February 2018


Our team of experienced accountants and former DCAA auditors specialize in assisting clients with DCAA audits, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). We have been working for DCAA or government contractors for over 20 years. 



The scope of our services includes all subjects involving the DCAA, the FAR and government contracting in general. Our expertise encompasses almost any industry (see our success stories) and includes all forms of government contracts.  We have also worked on projects involving numerous state agencies as well.  Our most common projects include the following:

  • DCAA audits

  • Accounting system and  DCAA compliance, government approval of contractor accounting systems

  • Incurred Cost Submissions

  • Mock audits

  • DCAA accounting system set up and implementation

  • Compliance and cost recovery assessments

  • Indirect rates, forward pricing and incurred cost submissions

  • Financial capability reviews

  • FAR assessments and interpretations

  • Contract pricing proposals

  • Compliant systems, procedures and processes

  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)

  • Equitable adjustments, terminations, claims, etc.

We have experience with many government contracting accounting systems, such as Deltek GCS, Costpoint and MS Dymamics. We have extensive experience with QuickBooks and perform monthly accounting functions for many of our QuickBooks clients. We have implemented QuickBooks for many clients and have passed DCAA audits on numerous occasions. 


We help make contractor accounting systems compliant, get them through audits and get them approved. 


We particularly like working with small to medium sized businesses helping them win contracts, overcoming DCAA requirements and challenges to maximize cost recovery and cash flow.



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