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Sunday18 February 2018

Accounting Services

Our team consists of former DCAA auditors as well as accountants, controllers and CFO's who have previously worked for federal contractors. We perform full monthly accounting functions for a number of our clients. All monthly accounting work is performed in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations and is reviewed by one of our former DCAA auditors.


Part-time CFO, Controller and Accountant Services
Our team of experienced accountants can provide you with a part-time CFO, Controller or Accountant as needed. We offer this service on an interim or continuing basis depending our the needs of our clients. 

Check and accounts payable entry
We can perform full accounts payable data entry including check processing. We also perform bank account and accounts payable reconciliations. We ensure costs are "allocated to the correct cost objectives" are stipulated by the federal acquisition regulations. 

Accounts receivable / billing entry
We enter accounts receivable billings and receipts as required. We ensure all billings are segregated by project as required by FAR.

Segregation of Costs
As required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations we ensure all costs are segregated as required i.e. direct vs. indirect, overhead, general and administrative and un-allowable.

We produce Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Job Profitability and Indirect Rate computation reports as required. We can also produce Cash-Flow, Working Capital and Bank Covenant reports as needed.