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Sunday18 February 2018

CFO Services

Kiwi Consulting provides a full array of senior finance executive services for federal contractors.

Preparation of financial statements
Timely & accurate preparation of financial statements including work in progress, income statement, balance sheet, trend statement, cash flow etc. Analysis of financial statements including ratio calculations & interpretation. Bank covenant
calculations & reporting.

Financial Modeling
We can develop financial models for you to use to better manage your working capital. In particular management of cash, under-billed contracts & accounts receivable.

Liaison with insurance brokers, external auditors, bonding companies & banks
We can manage the reporting for & the relationships with your bank, bonding company & external auditors. we can work with your insurance broker to to asses your risk management requirements to ensure you are neither under or over insured.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
During periods of growth or downsizing, companies face unique challenges & opportunities. Our experience allows us to help you:

Analyze the real value of the company being acquired or sold
Project cost reductions through elimination of duplicated functions
Create forecasts for the new entities.

Funds Acquisition
We can help you obtain funds for growth or survival. We can work with your bank to strengthen the relationship. We can also engage venture capitalist companies if they are a viable source.

We take pride in our record of successfully training our clients finance staff. We will help your staff achieve a higher level of knowledge & performance.

Strategic Planning & Budgeting
Many companies operate without a strategic plan, yet a good strategic plan is a key to long term success. We bring 20+ years of planning experience for construction companies to the table.

Information Systems
We have the practical experience of having overseen many software selection & implementation projects. We have been involved at all levels of the process from selection, to software implementation consulting to project management.