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Sunday18 February 2018

DCAA Audit Services

Our 25 plus years of hands-on DCAA experience makes our consultants the perfect team to assist you with all of your DCAA compliance and audit issues.
FAR and DFAR Compliance
We can assist you get compliant with FAR and DFAR. As former DCAA auditors we have built templates to minimize the learning curve for you.

Indirect Rates & Provisional Billing Rates
Our experience as DCAA auditors and the templates we have built give us the tools to calculate Indirect and Provisional Billing rates efficiently and accurately.

ICE (Incurred Cost) Schedule Preparation
We have many years of experience preparing ICE schedules for all size businesess in many different industries.
Internal Controls Review & Recommendations
We have built a series of checklists to help us evaluate internal control systems from the perspective of DCAA compliance.

A-133 Audits
We have experienced CPA's on staff who can perform A-133 audits.
Policies and Procedures
Again, we have built templates of often used policies and procedures that address potential issues from a DCAA perspective.

IT & Software Compliance Analysis
As with internal controls above, we have built checklists to evaluate IT systems for DCAA compliance.

Financial Capability Review
We can build financial models in formats preferred by DCAA to show financial capability. We also write narratives to support the models to show your company's financial capability.

CAS Consulting
We are experienced at reviewing cost accounting systems for compliance and can assist you to either implement a new system to make your current system compliant.

Crises and Disaster Management Policies
We can write or review your Disaster and Crises Management manual.

Proposal Preparation and Writing
We have proposal templates and financial models to enable us to write professional proposals.


Contractors that execute cost reimbursable contracts or other contracts that invoke the Allowable Cost and Payment Clause (FAR 52-216-7) are required to submit its Incurred Cost Proposal submission within six months after the the completion of the accounting year.  This proposal establishes final direct cost and indirect rates for the fiscal year.  The proposal submission must be considered adequate for audit.  Use of the DCAA Incurred Cost Electronically(ICE) Model is the expected format.  This model is a very substantial submission.

If you have questions about this submission or its requirements please contact us.